What I Do

What I do

  • Services or repair to any type of bicycle - children's to adult, unicycle to tandem or hand cycle.
  • Tyres fitted and punctures repaired with instruction to do this yourself!
  • Hubs serviced and wheels trued or built.
  • Brakes of all types serviced, cables and pads replaced as required, and, bleeding and fluid change to the most modern disc brakes. As an extra the calliper mounts can be machined to ensure they are ninety degrees to the disc ensuring longer pad life and greater brake efficiency.
  • Headset bearings serviced and replaced.
  • Bottom bracket servicing - including the machining of the faces to ensure a longer life for the new bearings.
  • Transmission service including chainring and cassette replacement - and chain renewal.
  • Gear cables renewed, together with indexing and adjustment - sometimes the most amazing transformation to your bike!
  • Suspension service carried out to the highest standard.
  • Carbon fibre frame repairs now available.
  • Accessories fitted as required.

The most important thing about Wheels On Fire is that you get personal service with full communication throughout. No nasty surprises and no unnecessary work carried out. I only use quality parts from Shimano, Clarks and Sram or other genuine parts (Hope, Tektro, Avid e.t.c) and I have invested in tools of the highest quality.