Bike to Work Scheme

Bike to Work Scheme

Warning.. This is an alternative scheme!

Some people in some jobs have the luxury of buying a bicycle through the Government "Cycle to Work Scheme". This is sometimes used for cycling to work and sometimes for cycling for leisure. I'm not knocking that, the more people who cycle the better in my opinion. However this is not available for lots of people on low income, in part time work or "on benefits" or young people who need to get to College, training or social activities. These are the very people who could benefit from the use of efficient, cheap, personal transport.

We hear a lot about austerity at the moment.What does it mean? From my observations it is a large group of very rich people getting even more greedy and using money they don't have, to try and get more. Then if the whole house of cards comes crashing down their friends in the establishment and their friends in positions of power (for positions of power this could read Royalty / Politicians / Masons / Bankers / financial advisors / newspaper "proprietors" e.t.c.) jump to their aid. This crash was apparently "nobody's fault ". Try that excuse if you fill your income tax return incorrectly or claim for benefits wrongly - it won't get you far! The public purse then has to bail them out to the tune of billions of pounds. This then leads to severe cutbacks in the money available for both public services and also small business lending. People in low paid jobs, undertaking training, looking for work are finding it increasingly expensive to travel to appointments on public transport. In some cases "benefit" is cut when appointments for job interviews are not attended on time. is my opinion and a sort of solution - let's pull together to help. Let us start a different system. Help each other become independent of these leeches. I will help you find a bicycle and advise on what to look for. I will undertake a service free of charge to make it safe but I will require parts to be paid for.

In return you could help someone else that is low paid/unpaid by doing a good deed for them. This isn't "The Big Society", this is normal society - helping each other.

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